Hagigah Ivrit (חגיגה עברית), a festival of Hebrew, is designed to raise the profile of Hebrew in North America by producing local events and activities that celebrate the language and its culture. Hagigah Ivrit aims to strengthen the importance of Hebrew for enthusiasts of all backgrounds and levels of familiarity with the language.

Hagigah Ivrit will be held in the New York metropolitan area from March 6-20, 2016, the third annual event in New York, and in additional cities such as Miami, Palo Alto and more.

San Diego will host their programs the same week joining in the National excitement and presenting a variety of artistic and academic events that will engage a wide range of audiences in the beauty of the language and culture of Hebrew.

All area organizations are encouraged to participate in Hagigah Ivrit.

The National effort is spearheaded by the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America, the World Zionist Organization, The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, and the Israeli-American Council.