Eliezer Ben Yehuda

The Founder of Modern Hebrew, quite literally made up new words, when there was no other source in the Torah, then put them to use in his daily life with his family. Today the Academy of the Hebrew Language authorizes the entry of new words into the dictionary.

Regardless, we have a love affair with Modern Hebrew’s founder and his work breathing life into an incredible ancient language and it’s revival and use in the Modern state of Israel fueling the Start up Nation and bridging communities world-wide.

Recent new words? “Junk food” is now the gluttonously onomatopoetic z’lolet [זְלֹלֶת], a three-pronged portmanteau formed by zol (cheap), z’lila (overeating) and p’solet (junk). A cupcake is now an ugonit [עוּגוֹנִית], the diminutive of uga (cake). Read more

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