Eileen Wingard, Chair, Jewish Poets—Jewish Voices at Lawrence Family JCC

Jewish Poets–Jewish Voices, is proud that its program on Mar. 21 at the Astor Judaica Library, Lawrence Family JCC, featuring poets from the Golden Age of Spain, will be included in San Diego’s Hagiga Ivrit festival. Our program highlights poetry written by Jews in the diaspora and in Israel. Every program includes readings in Hebrew, but many programs also include poetry in ladino, spanish and other languages along with translations in English. Our committee appreciates the participation of the community members in readings. Poets featured in the March 21 evening include Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Juday Halevi and Abraham Ibn Ezra. We look forward to participating in the many exciting events planned during the Celebration of the Hebrew Language.  My late husband, Hal Wingard, who served as the Executive Director of the California Language Teachers Association, was a firm believer in language learning and doing it through communicative-based instruction, […] He felt that learning another language not only facilitated communication in a foreign country, but broadened ones outlook and appreciation of cultures other than ones own and fostered greater understanding between people of diverse backgrounds.